The HushLoudly brand was created out of a desire to empower and encourage introverts, while educating and informing others about our highly misunderstood personality type.

As a lifelong introvert who wasn’t familiar with the term ‘introvert’ until my 20s, I knew I was different and knew I had to maneuver differently in this world. I still do, but years of experiences, challenges and successes have led me on this path to disrupt the misunderstandings and misconceptions about how introverts are defined.

Personally, it is a source of joy to share the stories, tips and challenges of introverts from all walks of life through the HushLoudly podcast, panel discussions, articles and everyday conversations. In each conversation with every introvert, there are nuggets of wisdom about why our voices matter, and why we need to be heard.

To my introverted tribe . . . join me on this journey as we learn more about the coolest introverts out there who are making a difference in their own quiet, somewhat quiet, or not so quiet ways!

Jeri Bingham is a marketing communications executive with 20+ years experience building and raising awareness for brands in non-profit, higher education and association management. She loves to read, write and travel (has visited five continents), and occasionally likes to socialize by having intimate conversations with one or two people over dinner. She considers herself to be a cake/cupcake connoisseur who is irritated when the taste and texture are not up to par, or the frosting to cake ratio is not balanced. Priorities!