The HushLoudly brand was created out of a desire to empower and encourage introverts, while educating and informing others about our highly misunderstood personality type.

As a lifelong introvert who wasn’t familiar with the term ‘introvert’ until my 20s, I knew I was different and knew I had to maneuver differently in this world. I still do, but years of experiences, challenges and successes have led me on this path to disrupt the misunderstandings and misconceptions about how introverts are defined.

Personally, it is a source of joy to share the stories, tips and challenges of introverts from all walks of life through the HushLoudly podcast, panel discussions, articles and everyday conversations. In each conversation with every introvert, there are nuggets of wisdom about why our voices matter, and why we need to be heard.

To my introverted tribe . . . join me on this journey as we learn more about the coolest introverts out there who are making a difference in their own quiet, somewhat quiet, or not so quiet ways!

An introvert advocate, strategist, and founder of the award-winning WGN radio podcast HushLoudly, Jeri is dedicated to amplifying the voices of introverts. She is on a mission to empower and encourage, through education and understanding for what she believes is the most ill-defined, misunderstood personality type.

Jeri enjoys talking to companies and universities, and focuses primarily on the history and stigmas of introversion, debunking myths, diversity and inclusion for introverts, introversion and leadership, and introversion through and beyond the pandemic. She also speaks about being an introverted Black woman, and how introversion when coupled with race and gender often brings additional misunderstandings.

Jeri is the founder of Black Introvert Week (February 8 – 15), and has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Cosmo UK, Color Magazine, and on WGN Radio Chicago. She is a contributing writer for Myers-Briggs magazine which is published on, as well as for Rolling Out magazineRecent Myers-Briggs articles include:  Be a champion for all, including your introverts, and Inclusivity includes Black introverts. Rolling Out articles include: How do introverts protest?, 7 New Year’s Resolutions for Introverts, and What Introverts want for Christmas. Jeri also co-wrote an article for TLNT, a Talent Management and HR Magazine, entitled On being an introverted woman in leadership.

HushLoudly has hosted, with Jeri as the facilitator and/or headliner, many well-attended panels with influential leaders on the topic of introversion:

  • The Introverted Black Woman: We’re Not a Monolith (2022)
  • Introvert + (plus): Introversion plus the intersectionality of race, gender, age, where you live, and who you love (2022)
  • Goal Setting for Introverts (2021)
  • Ready or Not So Much…Introverts Return to the Office (2021)
  • Understanding the Introvert (2021)
  • How to love an Introvert: 13 Tips (2021)
  • Is Introversion a Moment or a Movement (2021)? 2021 is the Year of the Introvert
  • Unapologetically Introverted (2020)
  • Black First, Introvert Second: Where do I fit in? (2020)
  • Leading While Black and Introverted, Part 1 & Part 2 (2020)

In addition to HushLoudly, Jeri is a higher education administrator and executive who has served in lead accountability positions in academia and non-profits for more than 25 years. A communications and marketing practitioner who serves in decision-making roles that impact people, policy and programs, Jeri is a strong proponent of diversity, equity and inclusion, and has been responsible for building or enhancing equitable workplace cultures. She is also an adjunct instructor for Northwestern University where she teaches Organizational Behavior: Managing Diversity and Inclusion.

Jeri has earned a bachelor’s degree in public relations, and a master’s degree in integrated marketing communications.  She is currently pursuing a Doctor of Education in higher education leadership with an expected completion year of 2023. Her dissertation topic focuses on how introverts inform, influence and lead.

Personally, Jeri is a lover of food, books, movies, and travel. She resides in Chicago, and if she could have her way, she’d eat pizza, cake and ice cream every day!